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In 2014 we launched The Winefathers project: the first website that allowed people from all over the world to become a relative of an Italian artisan winemaker.

Like? With crowdfunding: the winemakers proposed their oenological projects on our platform and the network supported them  through a donation. Relatives received rewards in return that varied from project to project. An experience that made us enter the world of wine and had great visibility in newspapers not only in Italy .

Today we want to continue the experience and allow anyone to become our "virtual relative".

Becoming part of the La Cricca family will allow you to experience a unique adventure : you will follow the evolution of the project from a privileged position, you will bond  to us, our wines and our little and wonderful corner of Italy.

There are several rewards : experiences in the area and in the cellar, stays with tasting, products, gadgets, personalized certificates… and much more!

Do you want to give or make yourself an original gift? Become our relative ! Do you want to personalize your experience? No problem. Contact us
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