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il melograno trieste-il melograno ristor
  1. How are you? How are you living in the moment? Well… sure, there is no shortage of worries, but we are thinking about how to reorganize our project.

  2. Given the current situation, do you think it is still possible to do catering? Of course, it will certainly take a period of restrictions in which we should all work together, but in the long run I am sure that we will return to welcome our guests as we used to.

  3. How did you organize yourself during this period? Do you offer a home delivery or takeaway service? Yes, in the restaurant in Palmanova we offer both home delivery and takeaway services.

  4. Catering is not just "food". How can you make up for the lack of contact with the customer? How can you still make "an experience live"? In this moment of delivery only, we try to enrich and tell our project and our products even more while waiting to be able to welcome them back to us.

  5. Would you reopen the place to customers? Would you feel ready? We will certainly reopen our premises and our team is ready to get back on the pitch and we hope to restart as soon as possible.

  6. When you can reopen, what will you focus on to convince customers to come back? What are your strengths? Mainly we will continue to develop and make known our project, made of genuine and local products. Even more we will work with km0 ..

  7. In what ways will catering still have to improve? Catering will have to improve in the choice of raw materials, because taking a genuine product means paying attention to buying from local producers who follow the supply chain of their product step by step.

  8. Have you thought of something new to offer? We are planning to continue with the home delivery service also in the future most likely.

  9. In this period, what role does wine play in catering? Wine, even more, is an essential product to give the customer an even more complete experience in catering. It is one of the products on which we focus our attention, always looking for labels from small winemakers who put respect for the environment and the product itself first.

  10. A positive message for your current and future customers. We miss taking care  of our guests who over the years have become our family and we will guarantee even more our attention in the choice of the product and in the care of the service.


The Pomegranate

Contrada Villachiara 34, 33057 Palmanova  (Udine)

Via di Cavana 14 & Via Madonna del Mare 3, 34124 Trieste

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