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  1. How are you? How are you living in the moment? The leaves on the trees are like autumn (cit.).

  2. Given the current situation, do you think it is still possible to do catering? Yes, as long as the clientele gives it their share, understanding the moment and adapting to the measures that every restaurateur, by virtue of the spaces and their skills, will have to adopt. If there is "understanding" then everything will be possible, and perhaps even more beautiful than before. Utopia?

  3. How did you organize yourself during this period? Do you offer a home delivery or takeaway service? We only had to give up on the supply: we were born as a gastronomy and takeaway food and therefore the adaptation was “simpler”, we only integrated our business with home delivery, right from the first day of lockdown.

  4. Catering is not just "food". How can you make up for the lack of contact with the customer? How can you still make "an experience live"? By customizing the service and better meeting the needs and desires of customers; closeness is not necessarily physical, but also attitudinal.

  5. Would you reopen the place to customers? Would you feel ready? As for the administration, it will depend a lot on the measures that will be imposed on us, it would be nice to know them with adequate notice, which for me has already failed since I have to leave from 1 June.

  6. When you can reopen, what will you focus on to convince customers to come back? What are your strengths? We are "Taliban" of quality, we will continue on this path because it is the only one we know and are able to follow.

  7. In what ways will catering still have to improve? Without any colleague feeling offended: in professionalism and managerial skills. Navigating on sight without having an economic and development plan in mind every day will be impossible, unless you have a great deal of luck.

  8. Have you thought of something new to offer? Yes, but I'm not telling you yet, out of luck.

  9. In this period, what role does wine play in catering? Vehicle of sociality, also to ease certain tensions that will inevitably exist. In a restaurant with plexiglass walls served by waiters in gloves and masks I would be anything but relaxed, alas.

  10. A positive message for your current and future customers. The challenges must be faced and we Italians are lucky enough to know how, by nature, to arrange and revive. We Friulians even more.


L'Alimentare - Gastronomy With Cuisine

Via Raimondo D'Aronco  39, Udine ​​

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