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  1. How are you? How are you living in the moment? From a physical health point of view, we and our employees are all fine. If we talk about "mental" health perhaps we are a little less well ... we cannot deny that we feel dazed and helpless because of this situation. It is not always easy to maintain a positive attitude, however, we do not want to let ourselves go and we hold on to planning the reopening.

  2. Given the current situation, do you think it is still possible to do catering? Yes, it will still be possible to do catering. There will be new hygienic measures and precautions to be respected and we will respect them, but the job of those who, like us, supply food and drinks to the public have always not ignored the healthiness of the environments, raw materials and the health of their customers. From this point of view, nothing changes except unfortunately a further load of bureaucracy

  3. How did you organize yourself during this period? Do you offer a home delivery or takeaway service? Out of civic sense, we closed our restaurant on 10 March (one day before the government's provisions), in the hope that we could reopen at Easter. Evidently the facts have broken our expectations and almost two months later we are still waiting to be able to reopen our doors. In the meantime (speaking of paperwork!) We have updated our documentation. We have also always continued to keep the premises clean, tidy up the garden and keep our outdoor area tidy. Given the lengthening of the closing times, we have organized a small menu of dishes for take-away / delivery and arranged a 30% discount on all the wines on our menu.

  4. Catering is not just "food". How can you make up for the lack of contact with the customer? How can you still make "an experience live"? Perhaps the administration of food and drink in the strict sense is the ultimate goal of catering. A restaurateur offers a  short period of "vacation" to its customers. I believe that customers, rather than eat and drink, want to spend a few moments in relaxation and let go of their problems for a while without having to keep an eye on the clock. In this regard, how many times have we heard that the bartender / waiter must also be a bit of a psychologist! Empathy and understanding the client's needs go beyond strictly physical contact. We will need to communicate and talk even more and, if we have to cover our mouths with the mask, we will smile and embrace with our eyes and we will put our love in the dishes we bring to the table!

  5. Would you reopen the place to customers? Would you feel ready? Absolutely yes! However, I recognize that, given the outdoor terrace at our disposal, we have an advantage over many of our colleagues.

  6. When you can reopen, what will you focus on to convince customers to come back? What are your strengths? The view and the healthiness of the environment. The wide choice of wines also by the glass. The choice of quality raw materials that favors seasonality and the origin of the products.

  7. In what ways will catering still have to improve? I believe that catering must increasingly focus on the “specialty” of its territory, freeing itself from the predictability of fashions and from multinational franchises.

  8. Have you thought of something new to offer? For the reopening we are planning to offer some more tasting menu options.

  9. In this period, what role does wine play in catering? Very important! Provided that it is a quality wine and that the choice is weighted beyond the usual labels. In this sense, the search for new small artisan producers is fundamental.

  10. A positive message for your current and future customers. We cannot give up and we will not give up! I can't tell you when, but we'll definitely be back, because conviviality is a fundamental aspect of life!


Osteria di Ramandolo

Via Ramandolo  22, Nimis (Udine)

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